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          On August 29, 2005, as entire communities along America's Gulf Coast were brought to ruin through the unfathomable and unrelenting force of mother nature, we were all confronted with the fragility of life and reminded to take stock of our priorities. 

         As Hurricane Katrina peeled away the roofs and walls of her victim's homes and businesses, she also broke down the barriers that divided them, and for a short but exquisite time, all men and women sharing in this experience  were equal. 

          The world watched as ordinary people became extraordinary in their efforts to save their friends, neighbors and even strangers.  The Mississippi Mediation Project was conceived to sustain this spirit of humanity and community.

Laurel Kaufer, MMP Founder/President        

 Why the Mississippi Mediation Project?

The training of positive Problem Solving, Communication and Mediation skills, prepares individuals and communities to work through issues of conflict through strategies based on human interests and personal needs for constructive results.  In addition to creating enhanced capacities for collaborative recovery in these communities, this program will set the stage for the implementation of community mediation programs throughout the region.   Learn more...





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